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Create a healthy, safe, connected Long Beach for ALL!

Your gift helps build a healthy Long Beach where neither race nor income determine our future.

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We believe that everyone in Long Beach should be able to live a long, healthy life and influence decisions that affect their well-being.

Everyone’s voice should be valued, and all residents should have the resources and opportunities to be successful in life.

In Long Beach today, too many Black/African American, Latinx, Cambodian, and other immigrant and low-income families face poor housing, low pay, health problems, and environmental hazards, to name a few. Yet, these same people continue to be excluded from having a say in the decisions that impact them. Their voices are ignored, and they have been abused by generations of unfair laws and practices. Additionally, community organizations and advocates seeking to solve critical health challenges often face roadblocks to getting the resources and partnerships they need to effectively influence policy decisions in Long Beach.

We focus on strengthening the power of organizations and community members. We provide them with the tools and training necessary to have them be heard, be influential, and drive real change in Long Beach. We do this by supporting youth and adult community members in developing their leadership and organizing skills; increasing the resources that residents and community groups have access to; and fostering meaningful engagement with policy makers.

Community members know how decisions are made and can join together to influence the decisions that impact their lives. Community groups work collectively and share resources in order to increase their impact. Policies that improve the health of communities of color will be passed that will resolve the many challenges Long Beach faces. Ultimately, this collective action will build a city that is inclusive—where everyone is safe, connected, healthy, and race and income don’t determine one’s future.