We Count, Long Beach!

Help us ensure all residents are counted in the 2020 Census

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Help us ensure all residents are counted in the 2020 Census

Let's make the 2020 Census count

The decennial Census impacts everyone's life on a daily basis: from determining political representation to allocating resources for schools, healthcare, and housing. In Los Angeles County, a majority of the population is “hard-to-count,” making us one of the most difficult to count regions in the country.

Long Beach Forward is collaborating with neighborhood leaders, community organizations, and government leaders across the county and city to ensure “hard-to-count” populations like low-income families of color participate in the 2020 Census.

By ensuring the hardest to count are educated about the Census by trusted messengers like community-based organizations, we will get an accurate count so our community gets its fair share of resources and representation.

During the fall, Long Beach Forward and our partners will begin reaching out and educating the community about the 2020 Census. Beginning in January 2020 to Census Day on April 1st, we will begin activating people to complete their Census forms and ensure they are counted. Together, we have until July 2020 to get all of Long Beach counted.

Your donation will help us convene Long Beach organizations to coordinate Census education and outreach efforts, provide resources for organizations to reach “hard-to-count” communities, and ensure we have the materials needed to educate people about the safety and importance of the Census.